Fusion done well is an art form -

My sessions are a customized combination of the following modalities:

- Chi Nei Tsang

- Dynamic Thai Therapeutics

- Swedish Massage

- Reflexology

- Lymphatic Drainage

- De-armouring

- Akashic Records

- Shamanism

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  consultation please contact me at

"Your body and mind are an unlimited source of wisdom and power - however there are other aspects of your human experience unconsidered. Spirituality, whether you're aware or not is also a significant aspect of your daily experience."

- What is an intuitive body worker?

   I use my intuition to perceive how you are on

   physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and/or

   energetic levels to address your needs. What is

   needed may include all or a just a few of the above


- What is a bodyworker?

  Bodywork requires physical contact with

  your body (physical/energetic). This allows me to

  tune in to whatever needs releasing, supporting, or


- How can I help you on your journey to health, well 

   being and transformation?

   Most people come to me with chronic physical or

   emotional pain which restricts their functionality

   in some significant area of life. I work

   with them on whichever level they need to release

   whatever doesn't work for them and reconnect

   their body toward full functionality, sensation and


- What should you consider when considering a


Eat light and preferably eat 3 hours before the session begins.

Turn off your phone and ensure that you inform family, friends,

and colleagues you will be uncontactable.

- What does my experience offer that can deeply

   benefit you?

  I love movement, working with my hands and well- 

  developed intuition. After many years of body work

  acrobatics, dance, yoga, culinary arts and

  automotive engineering, I combine my passion of:

- Understanding how things work physically and


- Understanding how these elements work

   synchronously and if not, how to attain balance.

- How You, as a constantly changing sentient being

  functions at any given time with the desire for

  physical or emotional enrichment.

- Helping you to understand yourself better!