The greatest gift we can give ourselves and our families is the gift of touch

I learned early on in life about the power of touch and movement…or in my case the lack of.

Unwillingly raised by a family obsessed with material wealth, nature and health were never encouraged.

Solo, I spent time bonding with Mother Nature rolling in a grassy fields, splashing in muddy monsoon puddles, and scaling park trees. In my teens, massage and working with my hands was very natural to me. I’d spend hours intricately building scale models of ships, aircraft, race cars, and alternately exploring how my touch influenced different bodies.

As career growth consumed me, my health deteriorated, and I became a chronically depressed sex, alcohol, meat and coffee addict...I was compulsive, volatile and deeply unhappy…until I began re-exploring touch and movement.

Deepening my exploration of bodywork acrobatics and dance helped me regain my health and connection to my power and ultimate self. All my addictions were simply dropped, my temperament relaxed and my body simply knew precisely what and when to eat, and for how long and far I could physically push my body's limits. Above all, I finally learned to enjoy myself exactly the way I am.

In my daily life, I frequently observe many highly gifted, intelligent, generous, self-less and financially successful individuals who in one form or another, display signs of the many addictions and afflictions I went through, and, so with my 18 years of experience and wisdom in bodywork, movement, and spirituality, I decided to commit fully to helping others toward their own version of well-being.

With your trust as the greatest gift, I look forward to helping you rise.



Intuitive Body Worker

I use my intuition to perceive how you are on physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and energetic levels to address your needs. With proven methods of manual therapy, energy, movement and breathwork, this allows me to tune in to whatever needs releasing, supporting, or moving.