Why do I do this:




I learned early on in life about the power of touch…or in my case the lack of.

Unwillingly raised by a family obsessed with material wealth, nature and health were never encouraged.


Solo, I spent time bonding with Mother nature rolling in a grassy fields, splashing in muddy monsoon puddles, and scaling park trees. In my teens, massage and working with my hands was very natural to me. I’d spend hours intricately building scale models of ships, aircraft, race cars, and alternately exploring how my touch influenced different bodies.

As career growth consumed me, my health deteriorated, and I became an addict of numerous varieties. I became compulsive and volatile…until I began re-exploring touch.

Deepening my exploration of bodywork acrobatics and dance helped me regain my health and connection to my power and ultimate self. All my addictions were simply dropped, my temperament relaxed. My body knew exactly what and when to eat, and how long and far I could physically push my body to it’s limits. Above all, my compulsive need to maintain a six-pack relaxed and I finally learned to enjoy my body exactly the way it is…and find women that enjoyed me as I was.


My wish is to help people on their journey back to physical, emotional, and mental well being the natural way – through touch and energy: awakening their true power, enhancing their capacity for unconditional love, and manifesting whatever they desire in their life.


With my wisdom earned through challenging and equally ecstatic life experiences, I look forward to helping you rise.


Rahul Kalra

Intuitive Body Worker

  • Abdominal Chi Massage II - Opening Wind Gates
    Blue Garden Yoga and Massage Training
    11/2019 Chiang Mai, Thailand


  • Therapeutic Genital Bodywork Training 
    The House of Joy, London, England 


  • De-Armouring Training Level 3 
    Järstad Skeppsudden, Sweden


  • Chi Nei Tsang 
    Blue Garden Yoga and Massage Training 

    07/2019 Chiang Mai, Thailand


  • Akashic Records Training 1, 2 & 3 
    Maladhara Eco-Resort 
    07/2019 Chiang Mai, Thailand


  • De-Armouring Training Level 1 
    Viljandimaa, Viljandi, Estonia


  • Anatomy Trains in Motion 
    AUM Yoga Academy 
    06/2019 Hong Kong, SAR China


  • Somatic Movement Levels 1,2 & 3 
    Retreat on The Hill 
    06/2019 Chiang Mai, Thailand


  • Dynamic/Rocking Thai Massage 
    Blue Garden Yoga and Massage Training 
    06/2019 Chiang Mai, Thailand


  • Reflexology & Lymphatic Drainage 
    Ong's Thai Massage School 
    02/2019 Chiang Mai, Thailand


  • Advanced Stretches & Joint Mobilisation 
    Blue Garden Yoga and Massage Training 
    12/2018 Chiang Mai, Thailand


  • Advanced Thai Therapeutics Massage 
    10/2018 Chiang Mai, Thailand


  • Thai Massage Foundation Course 
    Sunshine Massage School 
    07/2018 Chiang Mai, Thailand


  • Tantric Journey Certified Educator Training
    Tao Garden
    3/2018, Chiang Mai, Thailand


"Rahul was great. I’m new to bodywork. I have massages quite regularly but I have not had anyone really work on emotional detoxification. The massage is tailored for each client. I was curious what he was doing so he was explaining things to me as he was doing it. Normally I don’t talk during a massage, but I felt this was more like being educated while being treated. After the 120 min session, I felt lighter and refreshed. I’m excited to try his other types of treatments. His space is very zen."

Edie Hu

- What is an intuitive bodyworker?


I use my intuition to perceive how you are on physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and/or energetic levels to address your needs. What is needed may include all or just a few of the above aspects.



- What is a bodyworker?


Bodywork requires physical contact with your body (physical/energetic). This allows me to tune in to whatever needs releasing, supporting, or moving.



- How can I help you on your journey to health, well being and transformation?


Most people come to me with chronic physical or emotional pain which restricts their functionality in some significant area of life. I work with them on whichever level and aspect they need to release whatever doesn't work for them. From there, I guide them toward reconnecting their body toward full functionality, sensation and perception.



- What should you consider when considering a session?


Eat light and preferably eat 3 hours before the session begins. Turn off your phone and ensure that you inform family, friends, and colleagues you will be unreachable.



- What does my experience offer that can deeply benefit you?


I love movement, working with my hands and well-developed intuition. After many years of body work acrobatics, dance, yoga, culinary arts and automotive engineering, my work combines my passion of:


  • Understanding how things work physically and energetically.


  • Understanding how these elements work synchronously and if not, how to attain balance.


  • How You, as a constantly changing sentient being functions at any given time with the desire for physical or emotional enrichment.


  • Helping you to understand yourself better!