How often should you receive a massage session (Part 1)?

Yup, I think the above is a good reason Most of my friends who are corporate raiders look like the above by Friday afternoon...before they hunker down at the local bars to chug some beer, or down a few cocktails. Believe me. I know. I've been there.

Hong Kong is one of the most densely populated and stressful cities, and most people like to 'play and work hard'. While I can see the method of trying to find balance in this madness, it makes more sense by finding balance within yourself. Continuing a busy schedule on weekends, especially after an intense weekday schedule hardly seems like balance. And moreover, it's an externally seeking function.

Body work, massage therapy, energy work is more internal. The process allows you to just be. Be inside your body the way it is, not the way you desire it to be. It's antisocial even! But society prefers we just do. We are judged based on our output, not who we are as beings and that is stressful enough.

So, how often should you receive a massage?

If you are feeling:

- Over-stressed and emotionally overwhelmed

If you feel like the woman above, then definitely weekly. At least for the first 1 to 2 months, then leveling off to bi-weekly. The body takes time to accept changes. When was the last time you learned a new skill, like soccer, juggling, or playing an instrument, before your body simply melted into the skill, dropped all anxiety related to that task, and began to enjoy it?

The body is a memory, and similarly, it takes time for the body to accept changes, even beneficial ones. Even after 2 months, you most likely will (all external factors the same) stop desiring sessions. Your body may internally be able to reduce adrenaline, norepinephrine, and cortisol production, and increase serotonin, endorphins and dopamine. It happened to me. It's not just that I ran out of money, or time, I simply was able to feel more balanced and emotionally and mentally resilient.

But you are your own captain of your ship, and your individual results may vary.

- If you are recovering from an injury:

Injuries are a fickle experience. On one hand, after the initial event, you may feel no pain. You may feel maximum pain and discomfort the day after, or even weeks after.

But to properly restore strength and function, it's important to have a session weekly until your recovery becomes stable.

After I sprained my ankle during a hip hop class, I wanted to get back to class in 2 weeks. It took 6 weeks, but in that time, I had saw my therapist weekly. Sometimes twice per week. I was serious! But in that time, the progress varied. Initially it took weeks, and then my functionality rapidly returned. But I was consistent. Additionally, after my injury, I felt depressed. Depressed that I was missing out on my favorite classes. However, emotionally, the constant support of my therapist was very reassuring, and even in instances of intense pain, I was able to recover and maintain my positive outlook. And that, is as priceless as the physical recovery.

Human touch is one of the most powerful forms of recovery on the planet. And when the body finally accepts that healing, magic happens!

What are your thoughts and experiences? Does your experience counter my recommendations?