How trust and vulnerability are the doorways of possibility...

One of the reasons why I love doing what I do, is witnessing how people experience their world. It's an intricate process, and one I genuinely enjoy being a part of.

What do I mean?

Well, here we are with each individual capable of creation. When meeting someone new, there is creation. You are both creating a meaning to your time, creating a relationship, inquiring, investigating, digging out, going deeper, and creating a connection. But simply talking has it's limitations, and is superficial to an extent. But when you experience something shared for example, sharing a dish together, a new travel destination, bungee jumping, learning a new skill, like acrobatic-yoga, or pottery, there's a fascinating thing happening.

When learning something new, you inherently step out of your comfort-zone, from confidence and understanding, toward the unknown, unexplored, and accept vulnerability and trust. Complete trust in yourself and acceptance of vulnerability. We tend to accept what strangers tell us within that a certain extent and accept what we do not understand. Some people just dive head-first, while others, cautiously tip-toe forward. It's a completely new kind of creation, filled with possibilities, excitement, wonder and curiosity.

How does this relate to why I love doing what I do?

It's important to understand that the only thing guaranteed is change. From minusculely, to transformatively (and everything in between), people change all the time. When people change with the kind of frequency these days, is there a chance that meeting your best friend next week in the same cafe you have for the last year, every Monday at dead-noon and ordering the same dishes, the nature of the interaction may be different from the previous occasions? Absolutely.

So, when I see clients weekly, or even monthly, I don't need to remember what ailments or issues I treated them last with, my body simply remembers. Among many benefits of bodywork is creating a space where your body remembers, not your intellect. Your intellect has it's limitations, but your body doesn't. This happens once you truly trust yourself, and step into vulnerability acceptance. The process is incredible, in that it allows both the giver and receiver, to hone, and fine tune this perceptive skill. Every time I see a new client, I am constantly, and deeply grateful. Why? Because, firstly, there are around 10,000 different places to receive bodywork in Hong Kong. I am just a small fish in the ocean. Secondly, trusting a completely new individual with the process of improving aspects of your wellness is an inherently intimate and personal process. That someone has offered me their most precious asset speaks of the deep level of trust I have been given. To authentically do this, they need to step deeply into the unknown, and accept being completely vulnerable with me. That I focus more on the emotional healing aspect makes it an even more significant event, and so I am always grateful.

Lastly, when it comes to new clients, the shared process of creation is deep. It takes around 20 minutes for the individual to truly turn off their mindless chatter, sink into their body, and allow their bodies to relax into their new environment. Depending on if they ask for 60 to 120 minutes, their results may vary, however, I like to think of the first sessions as a blind date; comfort and trust isn't truly established until the second date. This applies for current clients as well, that only on the second session thereafter, does the body open with, with complete trust and vulnerability.

This is co-creation. This is stepping into the unknown, and this is experiencing the world with complete trust and vulnerability. It's elementary, but important to truly understand. And this is just one small aspect. When starting my own practice, I fully accepted that to be successful in any measure, I needed to do just that. Operate in a fashion consistent with self trust, and vulnerability acceptance. Slowly, and surely, the way I've experienced my world, since January has been completely transformative! And I am happy to share what I've done to create this, but that's in another post :)