Is home where your heart is, or is your heart wherever home is?

I love dogs. I live with one, but apparently, I feel like he owns the place and I am just paying him rent. I won't go into payment method details ;)

I have been asked many times enough to where it intrigues me deeply. While I have enough experience being a receiver from female therapists, I have none...being a female therapist. And so, it intrigues me - as a single male, why do people show even the slightest form of hesitation when I tell them I work from home?

How crazy is the notion that you are not welcomed in my home, especially when it has been prepared with healing crystals, purified from negative energy, and vacuumed daily - perhaps as a payment to my four-legged landlord? In fact, I should be hesitant when inviting all kinds of people over to my precious home, especially when few of them I know deeply. I have no idea what kind of energies may be hiding, and especially with my level of energetic sensitivity.

Here is the thing; I realized from the beginning, that most people's physical and emotional issues stem from not understanding their own bodies' timeline. At least, Hong Kong's epidemic of rushing here, running there, gobbling that, gulping this, speed-whatever-ing that! I have a pretty full on and intense schedule, and it's something that I love and have designed, but I can't even imagine how most people in world-cities recover, restore and function, if even during their recovery time, they have to keep looking at their watch, or clock?

So consciously, I decided that just with this, half of the solution has been provided;Slowing down, and allowing people to melt into their surroundings, and allowing their bodies and minds to deeply receive their sessions. It's a subtle shift in that even before feeling my first touch, clients are asking me to press harder! I intentionally allow at least 10-15 minutes for their bodies and minds to arrive, receive all the benefits from my purified and protected space before even beginning any kind of physical contact. Why?

Firstly, that kind of relaxation, where the client feels grounded, calm, and present allows their bodies, specifically their nervous system to recognize the healing effects, they need to receive. So even though during a 2 hour session, a 15 minute guided meditation at the start means he client receives exponential benefits within the remaining 90 minutes, compared to just opening the taps fully at the beginning. Secondly,100% of my clients are women.I understand in spa's that 95% of therapists are female, and female is the gender preferred by most genders. That's just the way it is, but for my modalities, each step is subtly designed to challenge my client in a way that nudges them out of their comfort zone - which is why my sessions are in my purpose-designed home, and...I am a male. So, in beginning with a guided meditation designed for presence, calm, and grounding, whatever my clients' previous experience with male therapists, this space allows their bodies to understand they are in a safe, nurturing, nourishing, and protected space. Whatever you want to call it; home, apartment, house, home-studio.

If home is truly where the heart is, my desire is that my clients are bathed in safety, comfort, presence, calm and peace - all emotions that evoke beneficial results, especially during an kind of healing session. And from experience, most clients at the beginning ask for a 60 minute session, but stay for up to 120 or 180 who am I to argue with experience? :)

If you truly want to experience the healing and grounding of your own home, simply spend at least the entirety of whichever day's daylight hours are provided and just sit, read, cook, sew, create, nap, meditate, or do whatever doesn't require screens or electronic technology. Your mind, body and most importantly the heart will return to your home.