The real cost of busyness...

It happened. One minute I was flying and the next, I was falling....and then the fallen. I was flying through London on my road bike, and then suddenly I was on my back, on the ground. Frozen.

Like most, London and Hong Kong are busy, intense places where the pace is fast. Walking, eating, talking, cycling, and driving. I have always enjoyed flying through the streets of Hong Kong, Chiang Mai, London and Pai on my bicyle watching the world whizz I whizzed by.

However, what you constantly repeat, it actually becomes you. If you create a habit of whizzing through life, inevitably you will miss out on the actual experience of life.

It's funny, how as a body worker, compared to what most people are used to my sessions are all about stillness, silence, subtlety and surrender. That is where the results stem from.

And at the same time, outside of my practice, I was flying by cars, buses, people, and buildings! Hmmm......

Back to the crash. It was -3 degrees celcius, and even though I was enjoying the cold experience, it was challenging. Instead of slowing down and allowing my body to adapt, I was insistent on outrunning my discomfort and thinking of my warm, soft bed.

In my yoga practice, I melt into the present. I fully enjoy it, whether it's breathing, eating, walking, or moving. What the crash has taught me is to be fully present. Absolutely and completely.

When I commute, either by bike or by train, bus, taxi, I put my phone away, and just focus. On the street. My steps, my breathing. Traffic, pedestrians, etc...just paying attention. I walk with the speed of my breathing

Next time you commute, walk like this; in-breath, one step. Out-breath, the next step, and keep the rhythm. You will either notice how fast you breath, or how fast you walk...and how little you actually notice! I do not like bumping into people on the street, and neither do I like being bumped into. So, instead of bulldozing your way, create space and flow into it.

Are you ready?

So, what was the cost of not practicing what I preach? In my case, a bruised sit bone, thigh, torn bike saddle, £900 and missing out on my last days of epic cycling through the historic city of London :(

Back home, and recovered, I slow down when walking, talking, cycling, eating even more. It takes slightly longer, but I feel calmer, more centered, and more efficient in the day....Wow:)

What is your cost? Or are you too busy whizzing through life?