The true value of your time...

You can do so much with your time. Read books, grow intellectually, watch a movie, be inspired, go hiking, re-connect with your essence in nature, meditate, re-center yourself, and tune in to your inner power, or simply sleep.

All are beneficial, however there is one more thing; book a therapeutic massage.

There are many things that we can do to recharge, recover, reconnect and repair, so why should you leave that in the hands of someone else? Someone that doesn't necessarily have your best interest? Firstly, there are some things others do better than you, and frankly, you should leave that to them. For example, when you go to your favorite restaurant, do you carefully select ingredients are cooked with your dish? Or do you cut your own hair? Ohh, God no!

I understand. Fully.

In the world we live in, more people are just interested in getting things done, rather than enjoying the process. There is an art in doing things, rather than just completing them, but it also depends on what you are doing, and how long it takes. Unfortunately, the desire for most people to just complete tasks simply ruins the perception of time you.

I used to build from scratch these, when I was a teenager (I loved working with my hands since young):

And believe me! Each one was as intricate, and deliciously detailed. All the individual parts had their own paint scheme, and were assembled meticulously. I often would spend up to 2 weeks building one. Why? I loved the process. Obviously, I wanted it to be done, but I preferred to do it slowly, deliciously, and meticulously, instead of creating garbage. And wow, were they impressive! My Dad, as a Managing Director for a hotel owning company put some of them in his office, on a shelf above his desk!

My point is, regardless if you are the person creating, or enjoying the creation, are you seriously spending enough time savoring, pouring, drinking in, and appreciating all those minute and clever details?

Or are you severely undervaluing the process and your time?

Many clients come to me with highly restrictive time constraints. For example, a chronic back ache should be fixed within 30 minutes, or their painfully tight left hip should be released within 1 hour! Firstly, from my experience, it takes between 10 and 15 minutes for the client's mind to even begin to relax, once I've started the session, and then another 10 for their body to fully relax. That's also why for the first 10 minutes, I sometimes guide the client through a meditation, to enhance the bodies ability to accept my touch and create the space to fully relax. The results are much better compared to just a quick 1 hour session, and more importantly, last more than a month. This is also why I recommend a minimum of 2 hours for a session. Because I and the client know, we can fully relax. There is no rush, and issues can be addressed in sequence, with the right kind of pressure, and emotional support given. Most of my clients who ask for a 60 minute session rarely return, and it's simply because their understanding of the process was incorrect. The reason I called my practice Nature's Rhythm was for the healing process to occur, it is in nature's. time. Not yours or mine. And what I've experienced, is that rushing this time-frame results in less than desirable results. After-all, if you've paid for a HKD$1000 experience, the last thing on earth you would like to happen is to consume it rushed, and forced? It's like shoving a $1000 meal down your throat! Yikes!

Most massages in Thailand, where I learned recommend a 2 hour session at the minimum, similar to most spas, and for me, I focus equally on the emotional support and physical process. I am essentially doing double the work within half the time!

Ultimately, the value of your time is priceless. Whether it's eating a highly nutritious meal, or savoring that sinfully delicious cocktail, or time spent connecting with your lover, what makes the experience the most enriching, nourishing, and satisfying, is not getting it done. It's how you felt during and after the process. Do the effects linger on your skin, or in your heart? Does it feel like a thousand smiles in your belly? Does it feel like a warm, goey-chocolate cake in your stomach? Did you savor every moment? Did you drink in and pour over every detail? Were you completely present? Because answering the above questions with a yes, means that, your emotional body grew, learned and benefited from that experience fully, that your perception of time was enhanced, and your soul was deeply enriched.

And how can you put a value on that?