Sessions Available

My space is carefully created for you. Fully allowing you the space, time and 

capability to fully reconnect, relax, release, and recharge. Your body has an immensely powerful ability to naturally to heal itself with the right tools. With this, your highest potential is harnessed.

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Trauma Release & Emotional Therapy

This bodywork session involves deep exploration into your past traumas, emotional blockages, and releases them from the body.  The session involves a carefully selected combination of Chi Nei Tsang, De-armouring, Shamanism/Akashic Records and Swedish massage techniques specifically for emotional release.

Each session is fully customized according to your needs and desires when you decide to begin the session.


Benefits have known to include:

- Improved appetite and nutrition absorption

- Stronger immune system

- Enhanced love life

- Improved cognitive function and clarity

- Stronger retention of personal boundaries

- Enhanced motivation and drive

- Enhanced sense of bodily ease, joy and peace

- Improved desire for sensory pleasure

- Longer physical stamina

Due to the nature of these sessions, initial sessions are 150 minutes:

120 minute session $2800