Mac, a gifted freelance photographer and dancer came to me with back issues and tension in her shoulders and solar plexus. I worked on her with a Thai Dynamic Therapeutic Massage and then gave her her first Chi Nei Tsang session. Hear what she had to say about it!

As a renowned Aromatherapist and Tuning Fork Healer, Mandy came to me looking to release some of the energies she had absorbed from working tirelessly with her clients.

Jon came to me with chronic neck and back pain due to his job as a freelance photographer ( carrying equipment all over Hong Kong.

Cat came to me to seeking relief from her constantly cramping foot, chronic neck and shoulder aches from her intense desk job and physically demanding weekend-warrior routine.

Juli, a highly talented teacher who I met at a De-armouring training had issues with her chronically tensed belly leaving her with pain, and feeling disconnected. Find out the difference one session did for her.

Edie, an ultra marathon channel swimmer on the weekends, with a demanding corporate career during the week. She came to me seeking increased flexibility and mobility resulting in the stiffness during her work hours.

Raphael, a martial arts instructor has a highly demanding job on hid body and mind and regularly visits me for injury prevention and mobility restoration.

After just 1 hour of Therapeutic Thai massage, What does he think?

Mariam came to me looking for a deeply nurturing, emotionally healing and tension release experience.

Fernanda, a highly gifted healer, Pancafit and Watsu Practitioner was going through some emotional challenges and wanted to experience clarity, resolution and emotional relief.

As Suphia has two jobs, her more physically challenging one is creating these amazingly healthy treats:

The physically demanding work takes a toll on her back, neck and shoulders. She came to see me after visiting many different Chinese Traditional methods and not yet feeling pain relief.

Akashic Records Testimonial

Faheem needed some guidance, especially as he was in a very transitional and uncertain point in his life. Here his thoughts from his first very first Akashic Records Reading.

Ciaran, co-founder of Float On Hong Kong came to me as he had stiff legs, ankles and hips, from long hours ensuring others stay well. Hear what he thought of my session.

"I had two De-Armouring sessions with Rahul this past month.  I didn’t know exactly what to expect, but was excited about the possibilities of clearing out old blocked energy and releasing trauma from the body. After talking to Rahul, and seeing his obvious passion and dedication to his work, I was really looking forward to working with him.

Wow, it was intense. But we went at my pace, with regular check-ins.  Right from the start...I was breathing into parts of my body when pain lived. Feeling huge relief when we moved from one place to another. Sometimes I found tears coming up, other times extreme anger...and Rahul encouraged me to let it out, to let it go. I felt safe to express myself knowing he was holding the space.

I loved how much Rahul respected my boundaries and well being throughout the session. He would regularly ask how I felt and reminded me I could pause or stop at any time. He also listened attentively when I described sensations in my body, helped model breathing and encouraged me through painful moments.

By the end of the session I fell into the deepest quiet I’ve ever experienced. An ecstatic bliss enveloped me, and I didn’t want to move or speak- it was like a velvet blanket of comfort and calm. I was so thankful he gave me time to rest in this and gradually come back to the world.

I found the day after each session quite challenging. Both times I felt extremely emotional and wanted space from people to process the things that came up.

And after this came a beautiful shift: a remaining quietness in my body. A softening of the nervous system. For years I’ve felt hyper-vigilant, always prepared for danger, feeling like I wanted to jump out of my own skin. This unexpected calm inside my body is what I’ve been seeking so long, and I feel these sessions with Rahul have played a big part in my healing journey."

Sara Myers

During the session with Rahul, I felt very relaxed. The method of bodywork/massage he uses is rather unusual. The shaking method was a new experience for me. After the session, my neck that is usually quite tight felt a bit more relaxed. If you like to experience a different kind of massage or bodywork, this might be interesting for you to try out.

Ling-Yee Liu

"Raul is a wonderful and intuitive healer, he heals pain on multiple levels. I felt so much relief in my shoulders and neck after just a short session with him. He found all the points of stress and tension that I didn't even know I had. I highly recommend him for all body work."

Julie Liu

Awesome guy, awesome technique !

As an athlete my body is in this constant state of soreness, he was able to actually relieve a lot of it ! Thanks again boss !

Raphaël Rivière

"I was having a business trip in HK for a week, after a week of hard working and walking around in town, I felt my body indeed need to release all the tension. I booked a Thai massage session from Rahul, the session is in his apartment, he created a peaceful and healing atmosphere. During the session Rahul was paying full attention to my body, he’d adjust the movements to what you need the most in the moment. Sometimes I felt energy flowed in my body. After the session, my muscles released the tensions and I feel refreshed and reconnected. Highly recommend ☆☆☆☆☆"

Man Chun

"Rahul was great. I’m new to bodywork. I have massages quite regularly but I have not had anyone really work on emotional detoxification. The massage is tailored for each client. I was curious what he was doing so he was explaining things to me as he was doing it. Normally I don’t talk during a massage, but I felt this was more like being educated while being treated. After the 120 min session, I felt lighter and refreshed. I’m excited to try his other types of treatments. His space is very zen."

Edie Hu

"Had a Thai massage with Rahul. He is very attentive to my pain points and provides gentle relaxing massage. His method is a bit different than what I have previously experienced, but it works and I felt refreshed and relaxed afterward."

Daxin Lin

"I saw Rahul initially because I was in some life transition and felt that I had a lot of built up tension stored in my body without me being aware of it. Rahul is amazingly intuitive and knows exactly where the tension in the body is located and how to release it. After each session I felt a better flow in energy and more clarity and insight. This has been extremely helpful for me in making decisions and in letting go emotionally. I would highly recommend a session with Rahul for anyone."

Claudia Hofmaier

"I had my first session a few days ago and have felt such an incredible mental shift since. I feel a lot lighter, and calmer in myself. Especially with situations that would normally cause some kind of stress/anxious feelings. Thanks so much!"

Soraya Shroff

“The Thai rocking massage as done by Rahul was truly relaxing. The techniques used were so gentle that you got put into a half dreamy state almost quite immediately. My body felt softer and more open.
The abdominals work done right after was such an eye opener for me. It started as a daunting idea, and ended as the best part of the whole bodywork experience.
Rahul made sure that I felt comfortable in every single part of the session. His services are much more than just the treatments alone. I would highly recommend trying Rahul out even if you think you don’t have anything in particular that needs to be addressed.”

Kelsey Ng